Exterior Services

We offer exterior paint solutions for all residential and commercial buildings.

We have an extensive range of paint colours available and all our painters are qualified professionals so you know you will receive a quality paint finish – guaranteed!

We use an airless spraying system which allows us to cover large areas quickly with a very fine, high quality finish. This system is perfect for large exterior surfaces which would take a long time to cover with brushes or rollers.

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Our Expertise

Exterior Walls

We specialise in painting new and existing exterior walls, including preparing the surface, and virtually any cladding type.


Whether you want to extend the life of your old timber fences or simply revamp your exterior areas, or you want to build new, contact us for fence painting services.

Traffic Surfaces

AAA Master Painters Tauranga offers a new system for re-colouring pedestrian and traffic surfaces such as driveways and tennis courts.

Texture Repairs

Repainting your home is the perfect time to have those unsightly cracks, worn patches or uneven texture spots repaired. We offer a repair service for all textured surfaces so you can be sure that your finish looks new.


Roofs take a beating from the sun and the elements – particularly here in the Bay where salty air can cause havoc with roofs and roof paints. We offer a professional roof painting and finishing service that will have your roof looking new again.


One of the worst things that can happen to your property is having it tagged with graffiti. Although we cannot stop this happening, we can remove the graffiti for you and help guard against future defacing with an application of our Graffiti Guard products.

Anti-graffiti coating

Resene Uracryl GraffitiShield is a waterborne two pack gloss clear anti-graffiti coating for a variety of
substrates that develops early resistance to tagging with spray paint. Graffiti can be cleaned from
substrates protected with Resene Uracryl GraffitiShield by using Resene Graffiti Cleaner.