Wonder why people are coming to view your home but no one is making an offer?  The location is good, the school zone is right but still no offer?

Buying a house is an emotional experience and you need to appeal to your prospective purchasers at an emotional level.  You have one chance to create the best first impression for your buyer.  Tired walls and worn door frames are not going to give you the positive response you are after.

It is an accepted fact that the best return on your dollar in regards to adding value to your property and creating the best first impression is through landscaping and decorating.  International studies have shown that revamping your house through decorating and staging can decrease the sale time by 32%

So if you are looking to sell your property, don’t put buyers off with bad decor and patchy paint work.  Contact us for a no obligation free quite to make over your home to help  you receive the best return in the shortest time possible.